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The subject of our interest is a study Mygalomorphae and Araneomorphae suborders focusing on Biology and ecology


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Latrodectus mirabilis
Latrodectus mirabilis ♀
Latrodectus mirabilis ♀
Latrodectus mirabilis ♀
Latrodectus mactans  ♀
Latrodectus geometricus ♀
Latrodectus menavodi ♀
Latrodectus menavodi ♀
Latrodectus menavodi ♀
Latrodectus renivulvatus ♀
Phoneutria fera ♂

New Mesothelae

  • Venomous Mesotheles
    Venomous Mesotheles

    A recognized authority on spiders, Rainer F. Foelix studied Biology in both Germany and Switzerland, and obtained his PhD in Zoology. His spider research started…

    Written on Friday, 04 February 2011 00:15

New Mygalomorphae

New Araneomorphae

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Stanislav Macík

The biggest representative of Labidoghnath faune in Europe. This kind was believed to be extinct in our area.The way of behaviour, cycle of evolution and appearance of wolf spider Lycosa singoriensis is an object of my research for a long time. Finds of „islands-like“ spreaded groups have considered my supposition that there could exist little population in southern Moravia (4.6.2007 – 9.6.2007). The population could expand and colonize suitable biotops if climate is friendly.

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