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The subject of our interest is a study Mygalomorphae and Araneomorphae suborders focusing on Biology and ecology


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Latrodectus mirabilis
Latrodectus mirabilis ♀
Latrodectus mirabilis ♀
Latrodectus mirabilis ♀
Latrodectus mactans  ♀
Latrodectus geometricus ♀
Latrodectus menavodi ♀
Latrodectus menavodi ♀
Latrodectus menavodi ♀
Latrodectus renivulvatus ♀
Phoneutria fera ♂

New Mesothelae

  • Venomous Mesotheles
    Venomous Mesotheles

    A recognized authority on spiders, Rainer F. Foelix studied Biology in both Germany and Switzerland, and obtained his PhD in Zoology. His spider research started…

    Written on Friday, 04 February 2011 00:15

New Mygalomorphae

New Araneomorphae

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A few aspects of basic biology of the Phiddipus genus from the section of Jumping spiders (Salticiadae, Araneomorphoae)

A few years ago on a small peninsula Puntarenas in Costa Rica, I was passing the time while waiting for the ferry, by observing a couple of specimen from the large species of jumping spiders, Phidippus genus, who were enjoying the hunt of freshly hatched offspring of iguana genus Anolis, on the walls of the local ancient cemetery. With graceful playfulness they reacted to almost everything that happened in their vicinity. Restlessly bouncing off the walls onto the branches of surrounding bushes, where they chased their pray. I was struck at first sight by their multifarious colouring, which in contrast with the lichen covered faded to bone monument reminded of attractive fish hiding among polyp colonies of sea anemones and purple coloured sea sponge of tropical sea coral reefs...

Sunday, 09 October 2011 00:30

Hazardous courtship of the genus Latrodectus

Written by Stanislav Macík

Unusual behavior of the genus Latrodectus in reproduction:

U některých druhů rodu Latrodectus dochází během páření ze strany samic často k úmyslnému poranění samců. Samice tak kousnutím, které způsobí únik hemolymfy, zpomalí samčí reflexy a zabrání tak jeho úniku....

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